Joe Stoshack decides to go back in time to 1863 to see if Abner Doubleday really invented baseball. He has to also take his mom back in time, but they travel back, they land in the middle of the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War after his mom nurses a soidler at the hospital, they meet Abner Doubleday and Joe asks him the question, but he says he never even heard of baseball and Joe plays a very old version of baseball and Abner joins them and doesn't know how to play, but then Joe has to leave with his mom when another battle breaks out. A few days later in the present, Joe's mom wants to travel back in time in save the assassination of Abrham Lincoln, but they fail when Abner blocks them from getting inside, but his mom stuns him with a stun gun and they are too late and they travel back.

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