Bill Stoshack
Name: Bill Stoshack

First Appearence: Honus & Me

Seen In: Honus & Me (2000)

- Jackie & Me (2000) - Babe & Me (2001) - Shoeless Joe & Me (2002) - Mickey & Me (2003) - Abner & Me (2005) - Satch & Me (2006) - Jim & Me (2008) - Ray & Me (2008) - Roberto & Me(2010)

Family: Joe Stoshack(Son), Terri Stoshack(Ex-wife), Wilber Konzitsky(Grandfather), Gladys Konzitsky (GrandAunt)

Bill Stoshack is Joe's father, who has been paralyzed from the neck down since Book #5 when he got into a car crash, but it said in later books, like "Roberto and Me." that he was paralyzed from the waist down since he can wheel himself in a wheelchair. He usually tries to use his son's time-traveling powers to make money, as before he was paralyzed he was always getting laid off. He has a huge baseball card collection.

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