Joe Stoshack
Name: Joe "Stosh" Stoshack

First Appearence: Honus & Me

Seen In: Honus & Me, Jackie & Me, Babe & Me, Shoeless Joe & Me, Mickey & Me, Abner & Me, Satch & Me, Jim & Me

Family: Terry Stoshack (Mother), Bill Stoshack (Father)
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Joe Stoshack on the cover of one of Dan's Books

Honus & MeEdit

Joe Stoshack is seen playing little league baseball at the beginning. The opposing team begans to insult him, calling him things like "elephant-ears". Stosh, infuriated, is distracted and strikes out. Later, he goes to house and cleans Amanda Young's attic. Stosh has heard rumors about Amanda Young, an old lady who never smiles and supposedly killed a kid, and doesn't want to do the job, but ends up going over anyway. Amanda takes Stosh to her attic, where he stumbles over a T-206 Honus Wagner baseball card. His heart is racing and then that sweet tingeling sensation starts. This is ALL NOT TRUE.

Jackie & MeEdit

Joe Stoshack is someone who can travel back in the past .One day his teacher told him to do a report then he experiences what it's like to be an African American in a segregated society, when he travels back to 1947 to watch Jackie Robinson play.

Babe & Me

Joe and his Father travel back to 1932, and watch Babe Ruth's Famous home run off a called shot in game 3 of the World series.

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